It’s time to take your brand to new heights
Launching a website is an exciting time, but it can also be very stressful – you might fail to remember something, or accomplish something erroneously. With our list of checklist, you can be certain that you’ve checked all the task listed there and your site is then good to go live.

If You Think Math is Hard Try Web Design

However, you must be confident at the time of the launch of your webiste. You need to be double sure that you have not forgot anything important. So, how can you check that?
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From setting permalinks and timezones to configuring your backup policy, the below checklist has everything you need to be prepared for your website launch.
So, how can you check that? Below is the checklist you need to take a note at your end.
The Ultimate Website Launch Check list:
1. Download/Install a theme and Activate the theme license to import demo and animations.
2. Delete Dummy Content.
3. Set Your Permalinks.
4. Double Check the admin settings. (Email address, avatar, author name, timezone, etc…)
5. Make Sure you’re allowing google to scan your website for search engine listing.
6. Turn off comments.
7. Set Logo.
8. Set Site Icon.
9. Create a custom 404 page.
10. Activate SSL Certificate and Enable Https.
11. Set up your homepage.
12. Create other website pages that are important to your business. (about, services, etc…)
13. Make sure all links are working correctly.
14. Set up Web analytics.
15. Test your contact/appointment forms.
16. Set up legal pages. (e.g. privacy policy)
17. Optimize your site performance.
18. Set up seo titles and meta description for the web pages.
19. Check social media integration with website.
20. Setup business email and check other contact details on website.

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