The craze for branding on Instagram is increasing like a hell!
Brands are moving from other social media platforms and focusing just on the brand awareness on Instagram. However, many brands or influencers wants to get famous overnight and rush to buy cheap instagram followers. All the day rather than creating good content, they are searching for the site to buy instagram followers. We strongly go against to this method. Do not buy such followers as they are bot followers or fake followers. We call them “Ghost Followers.”

The best marketing does not feel like marketing

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Let's check out how to get free real Instagram followers:
1. Bio Page Setup:

Setting up the Bio page correctly is the most important task while setting up your business page on Instagram.
Check below points to see whether you have filled proper information on your Bio. If not, do it right away:

– Who you are
– What you do
– Who you do it for
– What makes you credible
– Call-to-action (to contact)
2. Content Objective:

Just creating an Instagram business page and posting on festival or on regular days is not enough to gain more followers. A brand must have a strong objective of what content they should post on the Instagram page.

Generally, content objectives can be like a page created to share funny things, inspirational post, sharing gif’s, memes, showcasing products, motivational quotes, learning tips, etc..

A business with a basic objective for sharing content on the page is always set to win the game to gain more followers on the page. Without an objective, a brand cannot stay for long and at last can get frustrated and at last leaves the platform.
3. Target Audience:

The most important point which many brands do not understand and at the end of the day fails to impress followers and visitors.

If a brand is a cake, then the followers are flavour of the page that helps to invite more visitors on the page, later which gets converted into followers.

A brand should analyse in deep who can be their target audience and how they can reach them. Analysis should depends on the factors such as age, gender, location and timings. With such deep analysis, a brand can easily get an idea of how the best they can reach their desired followers.
4. Consistency:

Everything needs consistency in the life whether it’s a personal goals of exercising regularly, sleeping and eating at a time or a proffesional goals such as revenue goals or team goals; to achieve the best results, a brand needs to be consistent in their posting schedule.

Being consistent means, a brand is commited to the business and value their followers. Providing such daily dose of knowledge, creativity or entertainment can lead to more followers.

Also, being consistent helps a brand to create something with a broader mind. When any brand start from the scratch, they always face lack of content to post, however if you stick to the commitment to post daily, automatically the content to post will come in mind. Daily posting also helps you to have more designing templates in hand by which lots of time will be saved in the future designs.
5. Stories:

Instagram Stories are always been the favourite for the users. They love to keep stories watching all day long. Looking to such craze, even Instagram have started notifying the users about any new stories posted by whom they follow.

Stories helps you to stay alive for 24hours. As we discussed about the daily posting in the above point, posting on a daily basis also helps you being active always on Instagram stories. Hence, ultimately people will gain more trust on a brand.

From the recent acquisition of Giphy by Facebook and merging it into Instagram, now you can also put some cool GIF on your story to entertain your followers. Just for the information, Giphy is the platform where a user can create, edit & download the GIF.
6. Highlights:

Highlights on the Instagram are a great way to bifurcate your content and archive it in the way of stories.

Instagram gives you an option to make a creative personalised story panel on your page by which a new visitor or an existing followers will love to stick to your page.

Highlights will keep your best selected content stored that you choose. A brand can edit the cover, name and content in the highlights anytime. This panel will give a hint to the new visitors that a brand is active on the page and this helps to gain more followers.
7. Promotions:

Promotion is an important tool provided by Instgram that needs to be used carefully and smartly. With this tool, you can easily reach to your target audience.

Promotions should not limit to any offers, discounts or a giveaway, but a good creative can also be promoted for a brand awareness.

While promoting your post, be specific on your target audience and budget per day. This will help Instagram algorithm promote your post in the best way which can lead to get genuine real followers.
8. Hashtags:

Ahhh! We cannot forget the Universal Social Media language “Hashtags”. The best free tool available on Instagram. On each and every post, hashtags in the description are like mandatory. A post without hashtag on Instagram is like a dead post.

Keep in mind, random hashtags will not support your brand to get more followers. The hashtags should be related to the content posted. Instagram allows you to put 30 hashtags maximum at a time. We would recommend you to do not go for 30 hashtags as Instagram bots might consider your post as a spam. Instead, go for 20 medium volume hashtags.
9. Insights:

Insights can assist you to analyse all the affairs on a brand’s page within a particular week. Yes, you read that correct. Instagram shows insights for a week only.

Insights are divided into 3 tabs. These three tabs covers the entire Insights section of Instagram.

1. Content: This tab helps a brand in analysing which post or story did better in the last week. By this, a brand can get an idea what kind of content their audience likes the most on the page.

2. Activity: In this tab, a brand can get the knowledge of how the audience have interacted the page in the previous week. How many audience have visited your profile and clicked on the bio link.

3. Audience: Most important tab in the Instagram. You can measure your page growth, age and gender of your followers and on which time your audience would love to see your post.

Hope, the above points helps you to understand how to gain new real Instagram followers without approaching for the company wh are eager to sell fake followers or fake accounts to the brand.

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